Celebrate Pride without Comprising Safety!

Celebrated every June, LGBTQ+ Pride Month is a time to celebrate people of all sexual and gender identities, accepting people for who they are.

What is Pride Month?

Celebrated across the country every June, LGBTQ+ Pride Month is a time to celebrate people of all sexual and gender identities, accepting people for who they are. Yet, there is much more to Pride Month than just parades and parties. Pride Month is a time to remember the history of LGBTQ+ activism and people, along with ways to defend and enhance their rights and access to resources. Impact Tree

Why is it in June?

On June 28th, 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular LGBTQ+ bar in Greenwich Village. This was not the first time it or other bars like it had been raided to round up gay men and trans women. However, as a massive crowd began to form around the bar, tensions reached a boiling point. Eventually violence broke out, with crowd members clashing with police for multiple nights. The riots were witnessed by thousands and received extensive national media attention. Impact Tree

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LGBTQ+ activism and the fight for equality was going on well before Stonewall, but the riots acted as a catalyst for a new generation of activism. Unlike other movements, Stonewall inspired the thousands who witnessed the riots live or in the media to continue their demands for equal rights, not letting the fight which began at Stonewall die out. In the wake of Stonewall, multiple organizations sprang up to continue its momentum, quickly spreading around the country and world. Impact Tree

How to show your Pride!

Whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community, a friend/family member of one, or simply a person looking to help, Pride 2021 is a great time to celebrate and shape a more accepting future for our country and world. Impact Tree

Here are some family-friendly ideas to celebrate Pride this year!

  • Hang a Pride flag in the window
  • Decorate the yard
  • Make a rainbow food item (cake, bread, cupcake, etc.)
  • Rainbow crafts
  • Share queer art on social media
  • Take a FREE history lesson with any of the links below

Canadian Queer History Timeline

LGBTQ2+ History

Queer History for the People

Here are some ideas for the workplace!

  • Pride playlist 
  • Begin meetings with a queer history fact
  • Share public and employee support resources
  • Blog about love or equality
  • Invite a drag performer to host your next Zoom event
  • Donate to a LGBTQ2+ charity
  • More ideas

Learn more about how to stay safe while celebrating Pride during COVID-19:

How are you celebrating Pride 2021? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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