Conservation Authorities

Day-to-day community notices and emergency alerts for watersheds, parks, beaches, trails, events, recreation, camps, workshops, camp fires, parking and more.

Create your public notices in one common place in Alertable and have it automatically update your website, post on social media, send emails to those on your distribution list and more. Have the option to engage the public directly on their smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices.

Conservation Area

LOW COST. Starting at $249/mo.

up to 90% SAVINGS

Save significant time posting public notices on websites, social media, email and more. Enter your public notification message once in Alertable and let it do the rest while you attend to other matters!


Up to 20% discount available when conservation authorities within the same province or territory sign up. The more that sign up, the greater the discount. Applied to successive billing cycles while conditions met.

Better Engagement

Alertable provides more choice for the public to receive your community notices and emergency alerts. More choice provides greater uptake and engagement. More staying aware, planning ahead and taking action.

Made in CANADA

Alertable is made in Canada and used by more than 1,000 Canadian localities and conservation authorities to notify populations of 8 million and counting. Alertable has a high approval 4+ STAR rating by officials and the public.

See how fast and easy it is!

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