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“Keeping you informed of natural and human-induced disasters and hazards all across Canada”

Take care. Be prepared.

Alberta Emergency Alert

“When disaster strikes, get more information and take appropriate action to protect yourself and your family”

Stop • Listen • Respond


“Saskatchewan’s emergency public alerting program used to alert the public in real-time of an emergency situation”

Protect yourself, your family and your property

Demo Alertable Products

Emergency managers can try Alertable for 30-days, free of charge. This includes full use of an online demo alerting system, demo mobile apps for iOS and Android and a demo mobile website.

Standard Alertable Products

An emergency alerting system for emergency managers. Mobile apps for the public available in the App Store, Google Play store and online. Alert social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. See more key features below.

Custom Alertable Products

Have an established alerting program with your own branding? No problem. We can customize our Alertable products to fit your specific needs like we have done for Alberta Emergency Alert and SaskAlert.


Gary Ng

“The app would be handy if you wanted to stay notified of emergency alerts in areas where your children are visiting on a school trip, etc.” …more

Gary Ng / iPhone in Canada

Reid Feist

“For…Canadians without LTE, there are…apps available for 3G and WIFI devices. Alertable is just one you can install to make sure you’re not left out.” …more

Reid Feist / Global News

Sameer Chhabra

“In the meanwhile, device-owners whose smartphones aren’t WPA-compatible can download services like Alertable — available on iOS and Android.” …more

Sameer Chhabra / Mobile Syrup

Liz Brown

“[Alertable] sounds the alarm for disasters and hazards in communities from as small as a water advisory to as great as the threat of a wildfire.” …more

Liz Brown / KelownaNow

David P. Ball

“You can subscribe to…Alertable…smartphone app for emergency alerts…[like] Tuesday’s tsunami warning, and its cancellation”

David P. Ball / Metro

Tim Schwartz

“It’s very accessible with voice over on the iPhone, it’s also works for Android as well, all the buttons are labelled…the text is all read aloud just fine” …more

Tim Schwartz / Double Tap Canada

Current alerts for Canada

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About Alertable

Alertable is a set of alerting products for local agency use to keep citizens informed of natural and human-induced disasters and hazards. Alertable comes already connected to Canada’s Alert Ready emergency alert system to alert for severe weather, fire, bio-hazards, civil emergencies and other extreme events.

Municipalities can use Alertable to send local level alerts not sent by Alert Ready like drinking water advisories, essential services outages and road closures. Jurisdictions can use a free version of Alertable, forever, to send local drinking water advisories. A paid version provides other types of local level alerting.

The paid version of Alertable is competitively priced at a low monthly fee on our Ultra-Lite plan. No other public alerting solution provides the capabilities of Alertable for that price. This includes an alerts mobile app for iOS and Android, a mobile friendly alerts website, and alerts pages on Facebook and Twitter, all free to use and download by the public.

Where other public alerting solutions focus on recorded phone message and text, Alertable focusses on mobile apps, web and social media. Alertable helps municipalities extend their reach beyond what they have been able to achieve with their phone and text alerting systems, including the new CRTC-mandated wireless public alerting (WPA) emergency text technology, by appealing to those in their communities who prefer apps and instant forms of communications.

Get Alertable today. Take care. Be prepared.

Key Features

  • Canada wide alerts, from Canada’s Alert Ready emergency alert system
  • local level alerts, for local disasters and hazards
  • signalling, notifications by mobile app and social media
  • fast, specialized tuning of iOS, Android and web notifications for fast delivery
  • severity levels, critical and advisory alerts
  • location filtering, alerts for only locations you are interested in
  • location aware, alerts for where you are at any time
  • maps, showing the geographical area for an alert
  • sharable, alerts can be shared on social media, email and SMS/message
  • informative, emergency descriptions, impact areas and instructions on how to remain safe
  • usability, easy to setup and use
  • accessible, full use by people with different abilities
  • bi-lingual, English/French
  • Wireless Public Alert (WPA) ready, supports wireless public alerting

Get emergency alerts sent to you

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