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Public emergency alerting is serious business. It’s your business. It’s our business. You need technology you can count on. Our technology makes your job of public alerting easier.

You shouldn’t have to wrestle with technology, ever. Especially in an emergency. Our technology is designed to work with you not against you.

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An emergency alert management system for public officials, emergency alert mobile apps for iOS, Android and web for the public, an emergency alert widget for third-party websites, an emergency alert social media service for Facebook and Twitter and emergency alert integration with television and radio services. All capabilities are conveniently provided as an online software-as-a-service.

One of A Kind

The only public emergency alerting solution fully integrated with the Canada’s national public alerting service, AlertReady (also know as the National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination (NAAD) System) and fully compliant with the Canadian Profile for the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP-CP), the national standard for exchanging public warning and emergency messages in Canada.

Industry Recognized

We are a founding member and co-author of the Canadian Profile for the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP-CP) and helped co-author the US and Australian CAP profiles, as well. We have also co-authored the Canadian Association for Public Alerting and Notification (CAPAN) CAP-CP Message Feeds and Event Location Layer. We have authored the CAP Index Format and CAP Data Layer Guidelines.

Why use our technology?

Hosted in the cloud, it's accessible anywhere, anytime. Completely configurable components for a custom fit. Proven technologies for reliability and scalability.

CAP-CP Compliant

Compliant with the Canadian national standard, CAP-CP, for exchanging public warnings and emergency messages.

Multiple Alerting Sources

Receives alerts issued from Environment Canada, Canada’s public emergency alert system, Alert Ready, and local agencies.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly website and downloadable apps from the App Store and Google Play store for maximum convenience.

Maximum Reach

Emergency alerts available across many channels: mobile, web, social, radio and television.

Exceptional User Experience

The alert management systems and mobile apps are designed to be highly usable and useful.

Cloud Infrastructure

The complete solution is hosted in the cloud on high-availability infrastructure and is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Issue, Update & View

  • AlertHQ

    A web application that public safety officials use to issue and manage public emergency alerts.

  • AlertSite

    An emergency alerting website that the public can access to see information about emergency alerts issued for their area. AlertSite can stand alone or be integrated into a customer’s existing corporate website.

  • AlertMobile

    An emergency alerting mobile app that the public can download from the App Store and Google Play store to see information for emergency alerts on their phone. The apps can notify of emergencies for preferred locations.

Subscribe, Share & Contribute

  • AlertMessage

    A subscription service that sends emergency alert messages to internal emergency authorities through email and SMS.

  • AlertSocial

    A publishing service that takes relevant information from a public emergency alert and publishes it to company Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • AlertWidget

    A web widget that can be installed on third-party websites to show a brief description and status of an emergency.

Process, Store & Forward

  • AlertCentral

    The central “hub” for all CAP-based message activity. AlertCentral receives incoming CAP-based messages from AlertHQ and other CAP-based messaging systems.

  • AlertCAPX

    A back-end service that facilitates the exchange of CAP-based messages between PEASI and other CAP-based messaging systems, such as Canada’s Alert Ready (NAAD) System, the US Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), Canada’s Multi-Agency Situational Awareness System (MASAS) and alerting systems from Environment Canada and Natural Resources Canada.

  • AlertFeed

    A back-end service that facilitates the exchange of CAP-based messages between PEASI and other CAP-based messaging systems.

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