I am not receiving alerts

The decision to issue an alert rests with the local, regional, provincial-territorial and federal authorities.
If you are not sure whether or not there was an Alert issued by the authorities, follow these steps:

To check if there was an alert sent for your location

  • Go to the Alertable website at https://alertable.ca
  • Tap Archive > Calendar and select the date you believe there was an alert issued

If the alert you are looking for is not displayed in the “Past alerts for displayed map area” that means there wasn’t and alert issued by the authorities

If you know there was an alert sent but you didn’t get it on the app, follow these steps:

  1. Check the Locations you have selected to receive notifications for
  2. Check the setting on the app “Override Silent mode”
  3. Check if you have the Critical Alerts Only setting selected or the Critical Advisory Alerts setting
  4. Check you have the “Follow Me” setting on
  5. Check your cellular connection
  6. Check your WIFI connection (if on airplane mode or bad cell connection)

The Alertable app is separate from the cellular broadcast technology that your cellular provider uses to send wireless alerts. You will need to contact your cellular provider to ask why you did not receive the test alert from them. In the meantime, the Alertable app provides a fallback option, as you should receive the alert in the app as long as you have a network connection (and are not offline or in airplane mode). And there is an Override Silent Mode setting so that you always hear critical alerts even if your phone volume is off or in do not disturb mode.

The only types of alerts from Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) that appear in the Alertable app are weather watches and warnings, not weather statements.

The decision to send a public emergency alert rests with the local, regional, provincial-territorial and federal authorities. We suggest you contact the responsible authorities to find out why they didn’t send the alert that you were expecting to receive.

Somebody else  received an emergency alert as a wireless message or in their Alertable app but I did not.
You will only receive notifications for Locations you have added  in the Settings of the Alertable app.

  1. Check the Locations you have selected to receive notifications for
       a. You can check the Alertable website at https://alertable.ca to see if there was an alert issued for that location on the date you were expecting it
  2. Your device may have had volume off do not disturb mode enabled. If you wish to override volume and do not disturb and always hear a sound for critical alerts, check the setting on the app “Override Silent Mode”
  3. Check your cellular connection
  4. Check your WIFI connection (if on airplane mode or bad cell connection)
  5. Check if you have the Critical Alerts Only setting selected or the Critical and Advisory Alerts setting
  6. If you are away from your chosen locations, check that you have the “Follow Me” setting on
I am receiving alerts too late

If the mobile device you were using at the time had a weak or intermittent internet connection (low cellular or wifi signal), it can affect the alert notification being received. Another possibility is if your mobile device was in deep sleep or hibernation mode, which it can do if it has been sitting idle for a while and/or if the battery is low. This too can impact an alert notification being received. With both of these possibilities, however, you will still be able to see the alert in the app if you manually open the app.

I received an Earthquake alert that happened days/months ago at a location that’s not relevant to me. These alerts come directly from Earthquakes Canada.

I am receiving too many alerts

I see the notification for an alert on the lock screen but when I open the app there are no alerts for my selected areas.

Try, Updating your app

1. Check that you have the latest version of the app
   a. Go to the app store and check if there is a version update, if there is, it is recommended to update
2. Re-sync the app by reinstalling it on your device

I am not sure if my app is working correctly

I just installed the app and I want to make sure it works

  1. First pick a location name to do the test

           – Go to the Alertable website https://alertable.ca to check locations with alerts issued recently, and choose a location name

  1. Tap the Alertable app
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Locations, on the Add Town, City, Province, Te… field, Type the name you chose on step 1
  4. Tap Close
  5. Tap > Alerts
  6. Under Alerts for your locations, you should see the same alerts being shown on the Alertable website. If that’s the case it means the app is working as expected

To remove the Test location, from inside the Alertable app

  1. Tap settings
  2. Tap Locations
  3. Tap Edit
  4. Select the location name
  5. Tap Delete (top right corner of the screen), Touch Delete at the message window
  6. Tap Close

The most significant use of battery power by the Alertable App is location updates to send you alerts for locations you travel to.

You can try turning off the “Follow Me” feature in the Alertable App to disable this feature, and conserve battery power. You will still receive alerts for the locations you have selected.

Check that the version of your phone is compatible with the app

  • iPhone – iOS 9 or later
  • Android – Android Jelly Bean 4.2 or later

Alertable is designed such that it will broadcast all critical level alerts issued from the authorities. Although advisory level alerts can be turned off, critical alerts cannot. However, Alertable respects your device volume and do-not-disturb settings for all alerts, even critical ones, if you have “Override Silent Mode” turned off in your Alertable settings. So, if your device volume is turned off, or you have it set to do-not-disturb (including auto do-not-disturb settings), the device will not sound when a critical-level alert arrives (although the alert notification will appear and the alert will be in the app).

Currently the Alertable app is only available for locations within Canada.“}” data-sheets-userformat=”{“2″:513,”3”:{“1″:0},”12”:0}”>Currently the Alertable app is only available for locations within Canada.

The locations that you can choose in the Alertable app are official regional boundaries defined by the Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) codes from Statistics Canada. If you cannot find a specific location, try searching for the larger municipality (eg. Sydney NS, add Cape Breton, NS) and you will get notifications for your area.

  1. Go into Settings (top right hand part of the main screen)
  2. Touch Locations (the first option in the Settings screen)
  3. Start typing the name of the location you want to add in the top entry bar
  4. Choose the location from the list of results that appears below the search bar.
    You can continue adding more locations following those steps.

You must be online to receive an alert. If you are offline when an alert is sent, the alert will be queued for a limited time and be sent to you once you come back online.