Day-to-day community notices and emergency alerts for facilities, roads, parks, schools, utilities, municipal services, pandemics, fires, floods, severe weather, natural disasters, and other hazards.

Create your public notification messages in one common place in Alertable. Alertable can broadcast your messages simultaneously to TV, radio, smartphones, landline phones, computers, tablets, social media, home smart speakers, local news outlets, and more.

Alertable for Municipalities

LOW COST. Starting at $249/mo.

up to 90% SAVINGS

Save significant time sending community notices through websites, social media, email and more. Enter your public notification message once in Alertable and let it do the rest while you attend to other matters!

Better Engagement

Alertable provides more choice for the public to receive your community notices and emergency alerts. More choice provides greater uptake and engagement. More staying aware, planning ahead and taking action.


Up to 20% discounts available when municipalities within the same regional district sign up. The more that sign up, the greater the discount. Applied to successive billing cycles while discount conditions continue to be met.

Made in CANADA

Alertable is made in Canada and used by more than 1,000 Canadian localities coast-to-coast to notify populations of 8 million and counting. Alertable has a high approval 4+ STAR rating by municipal officials and the public.

See how fast and easy it is!

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Does your municipality use Alberta Emergency Alert, SaskAlert or NWT Alert? You may be eligible to use Alertable for day-to-day community notices at a discount.


If your municipality has an active account on the Alberta Emergency Alert, SaskAlert or NWT Alert public alerting systems, you are eligible to use Alertable for day-to-day community notices at a substantial discount.

Continue using Alberta Emergency Alert, SaskAlert and NWT Alert for critical, threat-to-life situations and use Alertable for day-to-day community notices for schools, roads, events, facilities, municipal services including waste management and more.

  • Alberta Emergency Alert
  • SaskAlert
  • NWT Alert

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