How do you Prepare for a Flood: Before, During and After?

Floods are the most common natural hazard in Canada.    Floods occur when there is an overflow of water onto land that is normally dry (Government of Canada).  It may happen with only a couple inches of water or water may submerge vehicles and buildings.  Floods can occur at any time throughout the year and […]

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Tornado Safety Tips and How to Get Alerts on Your Phone

Canada is ranked second in the world for the frequency of tornado strikes, with an average of 70 per year (Bezte).  While tornadoes have hit almost all regions of Canada, the Southern areas of Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan and Central Alberta are the most common (Bezte).  Tornadoes are violently rotating columns of air that can […]

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What makes Alertable different?

Alertable is a smart emergency alert platform for notifying more people of disasters and hazards. Traditional ways of alerting the public to emergencies like through TV and radio are still appropriate but are becoming less effective as people ‘cut the cord’. And while new smartphone wireless alerting is a positive step forward, not all smartphones […]

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