How do you Prepare for an Emergency Evacuation?

On June 28, 2020, Sunday night in Utah, there were four major wildfires burning throughout the state.  Roughly 12,000 residents were evacuated from 3,100 homes (KSL Staff).   A local emergency has been declared and a temporary gathering area has been designated.  FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) says that evacuations are more common than most […]

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Tornado Safety Tips and How to Get Alerts on Your Phone

Canada is ranked second in the world for the frequency of tornado strikes, with an average of 70 per year (Bezte).  While tornadoes have hit almost all regions of Canada, the Southern areas of Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan and Central Alberta are the most common (Bezte).  Tornadoes are violently rotating columns of air that can […]

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The Canadian Red Cross and COVID-19

When a pandemic like COVID-19 hits, other disasters do not stop and wait for a more convenient time.  Is help still available when the world has stopped in many ways?  The answer is ABSOLUTELY! The Canadian Red Cross is still actively responding and helping those affected by both personal and natural disasters, but in a […]

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