Team Roster

List members on your team:

  • Personal profiles & emergency contacts
  • Emergency roles and responsibilities
  • Local emergency contacts and information
Emergency team roster

Team Huddles

Virtual roll call and muster point

  • Assemble team
  • Account for everyone in minutes
  • Virtual head count, check-in using app
  • Team message center
Muster point roll call


Best in class, easy to follow emergency response plans:

  • What to do before, during and after an emergency
  • Fire, flood, severe weather and more
  • Use as-is or modify to suit
Emergency response plans

Drill Management

Manage fire drills and other events:

  • Follow procedures with the help of checklists
  • Take notes, photos and more
  • Track check-ins and communications
  • Drill reports for post mortems, policy compliance and more
Fire drill checklist


Notify everyone of drill:

  • Notify when drill has started
  • Keep everyone updated on progress of drill
  • Let everyone know when the drill is over
Emergency notifications


Benchmark your progress and performance

  • Track risk score
  • Measure against industry best practice and other teams
  • “Play” for the champions trophy
Analytics dashboard

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Alertable for Teams

Alertable is already widely used by government officials to notify communities of emergencies. We’re going to expand Alertable so that it may be used by companies, organizations and teams, too.

Alertable for Teams will help teams practice safe behaviour by making fire drills fast, painless and fun!

People who already use Alertable to receive public alerts will also be able to receive company fire drill alerts and more. People will be able to check-in from their app to let their drill team warden or safety coordinator know that they are safe. Drill team wardens can check off items from the emergency response plan on their phone and take notes, photos and more.

An easy export function produces a PDF report that can be used for internal post-mortems and to comply with company and external policies (insurance, municipal by-laws, etc).

Key Benefits

  • Mobile app, light-weight, easy to use, ultra low-cost
  • Fast and easy roll call, account for everyone in minutes
  • Easily comply with company health and safety policies
  • Satisfy requirements from insurance companies, banks, municipality, etc
  • Comprehensive catalog of ready-to-use emergency plans and one-click after event reporting
  • Team building, make emergency preparedness fun and a team activity
  • After event reporting to speed up insurance claims and financial relief assistance
  • Reduce loss of revenue and productivity due to shut down or closure