How can I test if the Alertable app is working?

I just installed the app and I want to make sure it works

You can add a Test location to confirm you see alerts in the app:

  1. Pick a location name to do the test. Go to the Alertable website to check locations with alerts issued recently, and choose a location name.
  2. Touch the Alertable app.
  3. Touch Settings.
  4. Touch Locations, on the “Add Town, City, Province, Territory” field, type the name you chose on step 1.
  5. Touch Close.
  6. Touch > Alerts.
  7. Under Alerts for your locations, you should see the same alerts being shown on the Alertable website. If that’s the case it means the app is working as expected.

To remove the Test location, from inside the Alertable app

  1. Touch Settings.
  2. Touch Locations.
  3. Touch Edit.
  4. Select the location name.
  5. Touch Delete (top right corner of the screen), touch Delete at the message window.
  6. Touch Close.