Why didn’t I get an alert for an event that happened in my location?

The decision to issue an alert rests with the local, regional, provincial, territorial and federal authorities.
If you are not sure that there was an Alert issued by the authorities, follow these steps:

To check if there was an alert sent for your location

  • Go to the Alertable website at https://alertable.ca
  • Tap Archive > Calendar and select the date you believe there was an alert issued

If the alert you are looking for is not displayed in the “Past alerts for displayed map area” that means there wasn’t and alert issued by the authorities

If you know there was an alert sent but you didn’t get it on the app, follow these steps:

  1. Check the Locations you have selected to receive notifications for.
  2. Check the setting on the app “Override Silent mode”.
  3. Check if you have the Critical Alerts Only setting selected or the Critical Advisory Alerts setting.
  4. Check you have the “Follow Me” setting on.
  5. Check your cellular connection.
  6. Check your WIFI connection (if on airplane mode or bad cell connection).