Why didn’t I receive an alert from the Alertable App?

Somebody else received an emergency alert as a wireless message or in their Alertable app but I did not.
You will only receive notifications for Locations you have added in the Settings of the Alertable app.

  1. Check the Locations you have selected to receive notifications.
       a. You can check the Alertable website at https://alertable.ca to see if there was an alert issued for that location on the date you were expecting it using the Archive button.
  2. Your device may have had volume off or do not disturb mode enabled. If you wish to override volume and do not disturb and always hear a sound for critical alerts, turn on the “Override Silent Mode” setting in your Alertable app.
  3. Check your cellular connection.
  4. Check your WIFI connection (if on airplane mode or bad cell connection).
  5. Check if you have the Critical Alerts Only setting selected or the Critical and Advisory Alerts setting.
  6. If you are away from your chosen locations, check that you have the “Follow Me” setting on.