Calling all authorities in Canada, use Alertable to keep your communities informed and prepared during the COVID-19 crisis.

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“Keeping you informed of natural and human-induced disasters and hazards all across Canada”

Take care. Be prepared.

COVID Public Notice

COVID-19 Public Notices

Now Available! COVID-19 public notices templates. Facility closures and re-openings. Services suspensions and resumption. Public assistance requests. Safe behaviour reminders. More.

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Alberta Emergency Alert Mobile App

The first geo-targeted, push-alert mobile app of its kind in Canada has 131,000+ registered users receiving life-saving alerts.

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Notify More People

Reach more people with COVID-19 public notices. Mobile app, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant home devices, Facebook, Twitter, Website and soon Microsoft Teams, Slack and Facebook Messenger.

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“Saskatchewan’s emergency public alerting program used to alert the public in real-time of an emergency situation”

Protect yourself, your family and your property

Proven and Capable

Our technology has stood the test of time. Developed more than 12 years ago, it has been successfully used for many emergency and non-emergency situations, including the costliest disasters in Canadian history.

Customer Service

We take care to understand your specific needs and set up the technology for a best fit. We advise and guide on how to get the most from the technology. We support you 24/7, and can even send alerts for you.

Flexible Plans

We remove the guess-work from choosing the right technology and the right services. We conveniently package those for you and offer them across four scalable plans. No matter your size, we have a plan for you.

Industry Experts

We are recognized for our on going contribution to the general practice of public emergency alerting. We bring our expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm for public emergency alerting into our technology and services for your benefit.

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Gary Ng

“The app would be handy if you wanted to stay notified of emergency alerts in areas where your children are visiting on a school trip, etc.” …more

Gary Ng / iPhone in Canada

Reid Feist

“For…Canadians without LTE, there are…apps available for 3G and WIFI devices. Alertable is just one you can install to make sure you’re not left out.” …more

Reid Feist / Global News

Sameer Chhabra

“In the meanwhile, device-owners whose smartphones aren’t WPA-compatible can download services like Alertable — available on iOS and Android.” …more

Sameer Chhabra / Mobile Syrup

Liz Brown

“[Alertable] sounds the alarm for disasters and hazards in communities from as small as a water advisory to as great as the threat of a wildfire.” …more

Liz Brown / KelownaNow

David P. Ball

“You can subscribe to…Alertable…smartphone app for emergency alerts…[like] Tuesday’s tsunami warning, and its cancellation”

David P. Ball / Metro

Tim Schwartz

“It’s very accessible with voice over on the iPhone, it’s also works for Android as well, all the buttons are labelled…the text is all read aloud just fine” …more

Tim Schwartz / Double Tap Canada

Best in Class

Alertable is a trustworthy and reliable community notification software used by local, regional and provincial officials to notify and inform the public of emergency and non-emergency events. This includes everything from road closures, facility shut-downs, snow clearing and garbage collection to more severe and potentially life threatening events such as floods, fires, tornadoes and pandemics.

Alertable is fast, easy to use and low-cost. Alertable saves time broadcasting notification messages across multiple channels by up 90%.

To facilitate maximum community participation, Alertable provides more options for the public to receive alerts including landline phones, smartphones, computers, tablets, TV, radio, home smart speakers, roadway signage, digital display boards, community sirens and more.

Our Advantage

  • Maximum choice, more than 15 notification options available to public, all FREE
  • Full 2-way compatibility with Alert Ready, send and receive
  • FREE severe weather alerts for all locations in Canada
  • Up to 90% reduction in time broadcasting messages across multiple channels
  • Proven and capable, successfully used for costliest disasters in Canadian history
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Experts in public alerting, co-author of the CAP-CP standard

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COVID-19 Public Notice Templates

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