All-in-one, easy to use notification system that saves you time

Alertable makes phone calls, sends email and text messages, notifies apps and posts on social media and your website automatically for you, all at once.


4.5+ stars /5

Notification System Alertable For All Your Alerts

Thousands of reviews, 4.5+ stars out of 5

People love our Alertable notification system, particularly the ALERTABLE MOBILE APP.

“I feel much safer and more informed with Alertable on my phone!”

“Alertable has been integral for keeping aware of the crazy weather and dangerous events that have been occurring.”

“I have been relying on this app for over two years now! It is indispensable to me!...This is THE app to have”

“Great app. Simple. To the point. Accurate. Will keep using this one !”

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3 steps to send your notification message with Alertable

It's that fast and easy

Time is often in short supply and precious seconds count. That's why our mass notification software is designed for ease of use. You can get your message out fast while attending to other matters.

Notification System 3 Steps To Send An Alert

Choose alert type

Choose the type of alert you want to send from our large library of templates and then tailor to suit. Or create your alert from scratch.



Choose location

Choose the locations that your alert will cover from a pre-defined list or create from scratch. Anyone following or travelling in those locations will receive it.


Preview & send

Proofread the message content and take a look at how it will appear when viewed in the mobile app or as a text message or email.


Alertable has all you want in one notification system

Simple easy-to-use features make our notification system powerful, reliable and popular.


Large library of templates containing best practices for message format, structure and content. Can be customized and edited on the fly to suit.


Comes with customizable list of standard geofence locations. Create your own geofence locations by drawing polygons or setting a point-radius.


Schedule your alerts and notifications to be sent and ended on a specific date and time. Automatically update or end your alert to avoid missing to do that.

Polling & Feedback

Ask people to check in or confirm receipt of your message. Conduct polls with simple questions. Include full surveys from your favourite survey tool.

Rich Text Format

Lists, indentation, bold and underline text, links, pictures, videos and documents (PDF). Enhance your message and make it easy to scan and read.


Preview what your messages will look like in the mobile app, text message and email before you send. and make last-minute changes.


Include your company logo on sign-up forms and in your alert and notification messages. Show your company name as the official source.


Create internal groups, add people from your company and stakeholder companies to groups, target alerts and notifications to groups and individuals.

Single Sign On

Sign in with your company username and password saving valuable time from having to remember another set of credentials.


Easily connect to your corporate systems including GIS, incident management and corporate directories and reporting.


Valuable insights like how many notifications sent, how many people signed up and how people are choosing to receive notifications.


Create and manage templates, locations, groups, users, recipients, permissions, active alerts and notifications.


More than 18 ways to contact people with Alertable

Providing people choice for how they wish to be contacted increases the chances that more people will receive your message and take the necessary actions.



Phone call







Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant

Microsoft Teams



Digital signage



LTE mobile


Simple and easy display of notifications

We designed Alertable with you in mind. We are passionate about providing the best experience for you. Notification messages are presented in an easy way and interacting with them couldn't be more intuitive.



Get the most from your Alertable notification system

  • 24/7 Help

  • Training

  • Resources

  • Process Outsource

Notification System Alertable Comes With 24/7 Support

Help when you need it.

Emergencies can happen any day of the week any time of day. We're here to help you get your messages out to those impacted. Whether that's help with choosing the right type of alert for the situation, the locations that it should cover or proofreading the content. Or simply helping day-to-day by answering "how do I...?" questions or looking into any problems.

Notifiication System Alertable Includes Training

Self-guided or instructor-led, the choice is yours.

Our mass notification software is intuitive and ready to use out of the box. However, it's always beneficial to know the latest best practices, techniques, tips and tricks to maximize the value you get from using our software. Self-guided and instructor-led training is available through online courses

Notification System Alertable Comes With Many Resources

Awareness is key, let people know.

Let people know that you are using our technology to help them stay aware and plan ahead. We provide a library of communications material to you in digital format that can be tailored to suit. The material includes brochures, banners, posters, cards, copy content and more that can be printed or used online.

Notification System Alertable Outsource Your Business Processes

Stretched to capacity? We can help.

Customers are often short on time and stretched to capacity. We can help by removing some of the workload and taking on certain activities and tasks for you. This may include sending and managing alerts and notifications on your behalf, managing users, groups, recipients and subscribers, and other such duties as you may need help with.


How else is Alertable different and better?

As you can see, we are different from the competition in many ways. These are other areas where we are different making us the better choice.


The right features at the right time at the right price

Mass notification system price comparison



1 user

(additional users for fee)

Set the foundation with 1-3 people sending alerts

  • Public emergency alerts Send public alerts
  • Receive by apps
  • Notification system standard templates Templates (standard)
  • Notification system standard locations Locations (standard)
  • Notification system standard rich text Rich text formatting
  • Notification message standard preview Message preview
  • Notification system promotional resources Promo kit (standard)
  • Notification system self guided training Online training (self-guided)
  • Notification system online support 24/7 online support



10 users

(additional users for fee)

Strengthen your foundation with a larger team sending alerts

  • Emergency alerts for the public Send public alerts
  • Internal emergency alerts Send internal alerts
  • Hybrid emergency alerts Send hybrid alerts
  • FlexFlow emergency alerts FlexFlow Messaging
  • Notification system email Receive by apps, SMS, email & Phone Calls
  • Notification system templates Templates (customizable)
  • Notification system locations Twin-Tuned Locations
  • Notification system scheduling Scheduling
  • Notification message rich text formatting Rich text formatting
  • Notification message preview Message preview
  • Notification message branding Branded messages
  • Notification system reporting Reporting
  • 2-way communications Recipient polling & feedback
  • Alertable for Microsoft Teams Alertable for Microsoft Teams
  • Notification system corporate website embed Alerts webview embed
  • Notification system API OmniAlert Connectivity Hub
  • Notification system promotional kit Promo kit (customizable)
  • Notification system training Online training (with instructor)
  • Notification system customer service 24/7 online & phone support

Additional fees apply for the initial setup and activation and for optional features.


Your questions answered for the Alertable notification system

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, absolutely. You can upgrade any time. You'll only be charged the prorated amount for the remainder of your term. You can also downgrade at any time. This will take effect automatically at the end of your current term.

What is so great about the Economy plan?

the Economy plan is our most popular plan and is great for small teams who need the flexibility and redundancy of having more than one person send and manage alerts and notifications. This is great for teams who do shift work or who have multiple roles responsible for communicating with the public, employees and stakeholders such as Fire & Emergency, Communications, and Operations.

How do I get my alerts on TV and radio in Canada?

Our mass notification software is connected to Canada's national public alerting system, Alert Ready, which is governed by senior officials from national and provincial emergency management agencies. Authorization needs to be granted by your local provincial agency before you can broadcast emergency alerts created with our emergency notification software on TV, radio and LTE mobile devices.

Can I build my own plan?

Yes, please contact us at and we would be happy to build a plan that works just for you.

How do you sign up for text, email and phone call alerts?

To offer residents, visitors and employees within your communities and workplaces the ability to receive notifications from you via email/SMS/voice a link will be provided for you to add to your municipality's or company's website which will take residents, visitors and employees to a sign-up page.  They enter their email address or text number into the sign-up form and click/tap Sign Up. If they want to receive a voice phone call then directly under the spot to enter a text number there is a link that says “Prefer a phone call instead?  Click here”.  An Access Code will be sent to the email address and text/phone number they have provided which ensures the information is correct and gives verification of their consent to receive notifications.

Can you register more than one phone number or email address?

Yes, you can register as many phone numbers and email addresses as you like.

Can visitors receive notifications?

Visitors are free to download, access and sign up to receive notifications no different from a resident or employee. All communication channels that are available to a resident and employee are available to a visitor.