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We saw a gap in critical communications during emergencies. The usual playbook of relying on social media and local news was not working since too many people were left out.

National alert systems meant to address this were still falling short. People in areas without reliable access to internet and wireless services were still being left in the dark. Same for people still using landline phones or travelling and away from home.

Desperate to fix this, emergency managers and communications teams are trying new ways to reach people, but it's manual and clunky stretching them too thin and taking too much time.

What emergency managers and communications teams really want is one button to push to reach everyone everywhere at once in a format that works best for people including SMS, email, phone calls, mobile apps, social media and websites.

That's why we built Alertable.

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We contribute to open alert standards

Our co-founder and CTO, Jacob Westfall, is a co-editor of international standards and guidelines for emergency alert open standards including the Canadian Profile of the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and the Common Look & Feel (CLF) guidelines used in Canada.

Because we know the standards personally, we ensure that we meet or exceed all of them. You have this level of knowledge, expertise and insight available to you when you use our mass notification software, Alertable.

Check if your mass notification software is CAP-compliant.

We Are Emergency Alert Industry Experts
Emergency alert software that is proven and reliable

Emergency alert system that works when it counts

Our emergency alert software has a long and proven history. It was used for the costliest disasters in Canadian history including the Calgary floods in 2013, the Fort McMurray wildfires in 2016 and numerous floods, wildfires and extreme weather since.

Our emergency alert system has successfully notified millions of people at once during peak loads without compromise or failure. If you need an emergency alert system that works and that you can rely on, you've come to the right place.


Emergency alerts and daily notifications, government and business, wide and local, we do it all

Provincial alerting

Ours is the only commercial software adopted for province-wide alerting in Canada, showing the trust provincial authorities have in us.

Regional alerting

Numerous regional districts and regional municipalities use our mass notification software as a cost-effective and reliable solution for communities in the region.

Local alerting

Capital cities, urban centres, towns and villages use our mass notification software to keep their residents and visitors informed and aware.

Workplace alerting

Businesses use our mass notification software to keep employees, partners and stakeholders aware of company incidents and day-to-day events.


Meet our co-founders


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Jacob Westfall



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