Community Notifications


Send general notices for road closures, waste collection, community events, outages, general restrictions, and more.


Targeted Notifications


Send notifications to whole regions and communities or target by neighbourhood, address, workplace and team.



Send emergency alerts for fires, floods, damage and accidents, critical infrastructure, spills and releases and more.


Direct contact

Notify people directly on their landline phones, cellphones, smartphones, tablets, computers, smart speakers and more.


Alert Ready Test Survey from PEASI

Alert Ready approved

Save time and send Alert Ready alerts right within Alertable and notify people on TV, radio and LTE smartphones.


Highly rated 4+ stars

Alertable is popular and highly reviewed with over 1,300 communities and a total population of 10 million served in Canada.


Full service 24/7

Customer service, notification dispatch centre and online training available 24/7.


Workplace incidents

Use for call-outs, head counts, tasks, information sharing, conference calls, meetings, incident reporting and more.


Communicate faster and more effectively

Alertable is used by regions, communities and workplaces for emergencies and day-to-day.


Make maximum use of Alertable to notify of day-to-day situations including outages, road works, waste management, parks and recreation, transportation, community and workplace events and more.


Use Alertable to notify whole regions, communities and workplaces of life-threatening events and developing situations including wildfires, floods, tornadoes, spills and releases, accidents and more.


Notifications can be targeted to street-level, neighbourhoods and workplaces or to wider areas including whole regions and communities. Individuals and groups can also be targeted regardless of location.

Regions, communities and workplaces


Best in Class

Millions of notifications have been sent with Alertable at peak periods and no outages. Knowing that Alertable is there for you when you need it most provides peace of mind.

Alertable can be used for emergencies AND day-to-day situations such as road closures, waste collection interruptions, parks and recreation, transportation and more.

Alertable saves time as a central online system for sending and managing all your alerts and general notifications across all your communications channels including local news media, website, social media and, of course, all of the Alertable products.

Choose from a wide range of options to receive alerts and notifications. This increases end user uptake and adoption and the likelihood that more will take the appropriate actions.

Why customers choose Alertable

  • Proven, millions of notifications sent during peak periods with no outages
  • Traction, 1,300 communities and a total population of 10 million served in Canada
  • Popular, highly reviewed and rated, 4+ stars out 5
  • Targeted, send to whole regions or target to neighbourhood and address
  • Direct, communicate directly by text, email, telephone, mobile device and more
  • Choice, users choose how they want to be notified, better uptake and engagement
  • Value, included are alerts for severe weather, natural disasters and public safety
  • Alert Ready approved, send Alert Ready alerts right within Alertable


Tanya Patterson

It also has a feature to interrupt in the middle of the night, even if you have your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb.’ …more

Tanya Patterson / City of Victoria

John Sinnige

Alertable helps residents living in flood-prone areas stay up-to-date on CVC flood warnings without having to actively search for that information …more

John Sinnige / Credit Valley Conservation

Emily Dicken

It’s free. It’s simple to use, and … we feel like it’s the best way to connect during a disaster …more

Emily Dicken / North Shore Emergency Management

Reid Feist

For…Canadians without LTE, there are…apps available for 3G and WIFI devices. Alertable is just one you can install to make sure you’re not left out. …more

Reid Feist / Global News

Steve Miller

The NPCA now has the ability to send flood advisories directly to the residents of our watershed through their mobile devices …more

Steve Miller / Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Christie Stashyn

The best way to keep informed about emergent situations on Bowen Island is to sign up for the Alertable App …more

Christie Stashyn / Bowen Island Municipality

Gary Ng

The app would be handy if you wanted to stay notified of emergency alerts in areas where your children are visiting on a school trip, etc. …more

Gary Ng / iPhone in Canada

Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Matt Barney

Users can personalize notifications by type and severity, and can also choose to have them delivered to more than one location, such as their home or office …more

Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Matt Barney / District of Sooke

Mayor Pam Mood

We are all about, not just transparency, but certainly ensuring that we can roll out this information to the public in the best manner possible …more

Mayor Pam Mood / Town of Yarmouth

Tracy Hughes

Downloading the mobile app is the recommended option for using this system, as it has the best access to notifications, especially when travelling …more

Tracy Hughes / Columbia-Shuswap Regional District

Fire Chief Ed Wolfe

The app can be used to check for closures, restrictions and hazards in advance so you can know before you go. …more

Fire Chief Ed Wolfe / White Rock

Sameer Chhabra

In the meanwhile, device-owners whose smartphones aren’t WPA-compatible can download services like Alertable — available on iOS and Android. …more

Sameer Chhabra / Mobile Syrup

Liz Brown

[Alertable] sounds the alarm for disasters and hazards in communities from as small as a water advisory to as great as the threat of a wildfire. …more

Liz Brown / KelownaNow

David P. Ball

You can subscribe to…Alertable…smartphone app for emergency alerts…[like] Tuesday’s tsunami warning, and its cancellation

David P. Ball / Metro

Tim Schwartz

It’s very accessible with voice over on the iPhone, it’s also works for Android as well, all the buttons are labelled…the text is all read aloud just fine …more

Tim Schwartz / Double Tap Canada

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