Your Safety. Our Passion.

We care deeply about public safety and are passionate about creating innovative solutions for emergency alerting officials and the general public.

Our team is vested in the success of public emergency alerting and are active participants and contributors to international best practices and standards.

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Years of Experience

We’re not new to this. We’ve specialized in public emergency alerting technology, standards and best practices since 2007 and are internationally recognized.


Emergency Alerts

Our technology stands up in extreme situations as seen by the number of emergency alert messages processed during the Fort McMurray fires in 2016.


Alerting Officials

Emergency managers, first responders and public officials from all backgrounds rely upon our technology to keep their communities and citizens safe.

0 million+

Population Reached

We take pride in the channels we support for maximum public reach: mobile, web, social, radio, television, digital signage and others.

Our Advantage:

  • Award winning, proven technology since 2007
  • Largest provincial install base in Canada
  • Participant in the first interoperability trials with the NAAD System, AlertReady
  • Co-authored CAP-CP standard and other alerting guidelines
  • Certified in lean and agile best practices
  • Conveniently packaged, all-inclusive plans

Our Focus:

90% Mobile

70% Web

50% Social

30% Radio & TV

20% Other

Our Core Values

Our core values guide our work to bring you better results and peace of mind. How do we do this?


We take deadlines very seriously. If you call or email, we get back to you as soon as we can. That’s how it works for our team and how it will work for you.


Collaboration is the key to accomplishment. Better results come from asking questions, making recommendations and understanding your needs and ideas.


From certifications, education and experience to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices, we never stop being the best we can.


You can count on us for high-quality work that is meticulously designed, implemented, and supported using established and effective best practices.


Our doors of communication are wide open. No hidden agendas. Clear pricing plans. We consistently keep you up-to-date on progress throughout the entire process.


Your needs, concerns, budget and deadlines are important to us. Once we know your goals and the obstacles facing them, we prioritize activities with our expertise.


Meet the companies behind PEASI.



Industry Expertise & Core Technology

NetAlerts is an internationally recognized authority on public emergency alerting. They co-authored the Canadian Profile of the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP-CP) and the CAP profiles for the United States and Australia. They also co-authored the CAP Index Format and CAP Data Layer Guidelines. Their mature core technology is behind PEASI and was most recently proven during the Calgary floods in 2013 and again during the Fort McMurray Wildfires in 2016.

Arter Kirkwood & Associates

Arter Kirkwood & Associates

Services Expertise & Mobile Technology

Arter Kirkwood & Associates (AKA) are experts in custom mobile apps and lean and agile implementation and support services. They are certified in user experience (UX) design from the Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) as well as the Scrum framework from They specialize in mobile notification solutions and apply their knowledge and expertise through their services delivery framework called MobilizeWorx, which is used to implement and support PEASI.

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