Alertable Events: Border Crossings

Let us know if you the Alertable app should notify you of border crossing closures.

Alertable uses the list of events created for the Canadian Profile of the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP-CP). This event list includes many different types of emergency-related events, outside the most commonly known events like weather, fires, and floods. We’re looking for your feedback on other events to include in Alertable, so please let us know what you’d like to see in the comment box below.

Canada and the United States share the longest international border in the world. A significant amount of traffic crosses this border every day carrying people and goods that contribute to both countries economies. Vehicles like cars and trucks represent the majority of this traffic, but there are air, marine, and rail crossing locations as well. When this flow of traffic is interrupted, it can cause significant disruption for businesses and travellers.

The Canada Border Services Agency is responsible for managing border crossings and they monitor and track wait times. While long delays can be a problem, outright border closures are the most disruptive events. Let us know your thoughts on whether border crossing closures are something you’d like to see in Alertable via the comment box below.

Take care. Be prepared.

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