Easily communicate with your team:

  • Broadcast notices and updates
  • Livestream events
  • Initiate conference calls fast
  • Easy instant messaging
Emergency team roster


Manage drills and real incidents:

  • Incident response plans and checklists
  • Calendar of events and next steps
  • Track progress with dashboards
Fire drill checklist

Check In

Virtual muster point

  • Account for everyone faster
  • Less chasing people
  • Better head count accuracy
Muster point roll call


Notify of drill or real event:

  • Send the alert
  • Notify of updates
  • Notify when event is over
Emergency notifications


What to do before, during, after

  • Upload your incident plans
  • Or use our template incident plans
  • Connect your Sharepoint folders
Emergency response plans


Automatic logging of all activities

  • For internal post-mortem
  • Easier compliance reporting
  • Analytics for improvements
Analytics dashboard

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Alertable for Microsoft Teams

Alertable is widely used by the public for emergency alerts and day-to-day community notices for facilities, roads, parks, schools, municipal services, pandemics, fires, floods, severe weather and more.

Alertable will soon be available to businesses as an add-on app for Microsoft Teams for workplace emergencies and incidents like power outages, facility breaches, closures and re-openings, equipment failures, medical emergencies, pandemic outbreaks and more.

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Key Benefits

  • Purpose-built app to managing incidents causing business disruptions
  • Easy add-on to Microsoft Teams, minimal training needed
  • Process savings, less manual, less paper, less chasing staff
  • Easier communications, team coordination and visibility
  • Better and faster reporting for regulatory compliance
  • Low cost. FREE public alerts.