Keep your workforce safe and informed with Alertable for Microsoft Teams.

Send workplace alerts for building fires and floods, facility closures, short shifts, equipment outages, spills, leaks and releases, structural breaches and collapses, accidents and more.

Better management of workplace critical events

Easy to use, low cost, exceptionally capable critical event management software

Minimize disruption

Alertable can help minimize impacts on businesses from disasters and hazards by facilitating better communications and a more faster and coordinated response from the convenience of Microsoft Teams.

Drills & exercises

Alertable can also save time preparing and running workplace drills and exercises. Alertable helps show improvement over previous drills and to quickly identify areas for further improvement.

More with less

Many businesses are being asked to do more with less. Incident response is a secondary duty for many. Alertable is easy to use and saves time planning and responding to emergencies and general incidents.

See for yourself


Works with Microsoft Teams

Common place in Microsoft Teams to manage critical workplace events and communications.

Critical Event Management

Create and manage critical events including type, location, description, instructions and more.

Alerts & Notifications

Notify your workforce on their mobile phone, tablet, computer and landline phone of critical events and status updates.

Staff Check-In

Request staff to check-in from their phone or computer and account for everyone faster and more effectively.

Meetings & Conference Calls

Hold online meetings and conference calls with the incident response team on the scene and in the EOC.

Team Communications

Provide regular status updates fast to your workforce to keep them informed. Connect with individuals one-on-one or in groups, as needed.


Convert incident response plans into actionable tasks that can be assigned and tracked online on your phone and computer.

Share Videos, Photos, Documents

Upload videos, photos, and documents from the scene to provide better situational awareness and a more complete common operating picture.

Analytics, Logging, Reporting

Track performance and compare with past incidents. Export information for post-mortem reviews, after-action and compliance reporting.

Take an overview with you


Safer Workplaces

Alertable helps create safer workplaces. Use Alertable to account for everyone faster and more accurately by asking them to check-in from wherever they are. Convert emergency response plans into actionable tasks that can be assigned and tracked through Alertable. Easily hold meetings and conference calls with the incident response team, key stakeholders, and even the entire company to keep people informed and up to date.

Alertable is useful for real emergencies, drills and exercises. Alertable can save time preparing and running drills and help show improvement over previous drills and quickly identify areas for improvement. Easily export information from Alertable for post-exercise reporting.

Why workplaces choose Alertable

  • Easy add-on for Microsoft Teams, minimal training needed
  • Common place in Microsoft Teams to manage critical workplace events
  • Less manual process, less paper, less chasing staff
  • Better communications, team wide coordination and visibility
  • Easier and better reporting, internal after-event reviews and regulatory compliance
  • Low cost. FREE alerts from community.

Easy to use. LOW COST.

Easy add-on for Microsoft Teams. Save on training and rollout costs.


  • Unlimited critical events, advisories and drills
  • Unlimited notifications
  • Unlimited check-in’s
  • Unlimited checklists and tasks
  • Unlimited meetings & conference calls
  • Unlimited uploads (documents, videos and photos)
  • Microsoft Teams full integration (Calendar, Planner, Meetings)
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory integration
  • Microsoft SharePoint integration
  • Local severe weather and other public safety alerts
  • Online self-training system 24/7
  • Customer service & support 24/7


  • Additional standard user account (full access)
  • Additional basic user account (limited access)
  • SMS/Email/Voice notifications PAYG
  • SMS/Email/Voice check-ins PAYG
  • Instructor-led training
  • Professional services, consulting, custom development & integration

Easy to install and use