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Emergency Ops

LOW cost. Starting at $250/month.


  • 5 system users and up (notification issuers)
  • Online, on demand, 24/7 training system & practice environment
  • Configurable notification templates, zones and areas
  • Branded notification messages
  • Unlimited notifications/month (exception SMS/email/phone)
  • Local severe weather, earthquake, transportation and public safety alerts
  • API for integration with corporate systems
  • Local earthquake alerts
  • Local transportation alerts
  • Customer service & support (24/7)
  • Community marketing kit
  • Publicly available Alertable products, FREE to use
  • – Alertable for iOS & Android mobile app
    – Alertable website
    – Alertable sign up portal for SMS/email/phone notifications
    – Alertable for Facebook & Twitter
    – Alertable for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant home & office speakers
    – Alertable for Slack, Microsoft Teams & Facebook Messenger


  • Additional system users
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • SMS/email/phone notification messages
  • Migration of SMS/email/phone contacts from existing system
  • Notification message dispatch centre, we send notifications for you
  • Notifications analytics dashboard
  • Outgoing emergency alerts with Alert Ready (TV, radio, wireless)
  • Dedicated notification end-user products
  • Dedicated hosting environments
  • Professional services, consulting, custom development & integration

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