Your Emergency. Our Expertise.

When you work with us, you get much more than access to our technology. You get access to world class expertise to design, set up and support that technology.

We don’t implement technology and run. We stay with you and ensure it continues to perform as expected and help you get the most from it.

PEASI Services Framework

Public emergency alerting made easy.

Made to Fit

Each implementation is unique. We design implementations to provide the best experience for public officials using our technology to issue and manage alerts and the public using our technology to view alerts. We configure the technology to provide the best fit for you.

Full Service

We provide all the building blocks for a successful implementation and on-going support. Regular usability testing and monthly analytics validate that the technology is remaining usable and useful. Continual promotion and scheduled training helps you get the most from the technology.

MobilizeWorx Processes

Our MobilizeWorx service delivery framework combines industry best practices to get results – leaner and faster. MobilizeWorx sets the pace and ensures efficient execution of design, implementation and support activities. Looping mechanism for continuous improvement.

Why work with us?

We value our client relationships as much as we value the work. We take pride in delivering a highly usable and useful public emergency alerting solution that exceeds expectations.

Certified & Experienced

We’re certified in software design, implementation and support and recognized experts in the field of public emergency alerting.

Service Focused

Our services are comprehensive and all-inclusive to ensure initial and continued success.

Lean & Agile

Our unique MobilizeWorx services delivery framework means quality, on-time, and on-budget results.

Results Oriented

Our services have consistently exceeded our client’s expectations both for delivery and outcomes.


We use creative solutions to answer complex problems, like seamless integration and engaging user flow.


We keep the lines of communication open and collaborate with you for the best solutions.

Design & Usability

  • Ideation

    Your implementation begins with a common understanding of the problem it needs to solve, for what audience, and how to measure success.

  • UX Design

    After identifying your audience’s needs, we follow your brand guidelines to shape the design and user experience of your implementation.

  • Usability Testing

    We won’t venture down a path that won’t work for your audience. Instead of costly reworks, we provide usability testing to proactively observe user insights.

Implementation & Hosting

  • Installation & Setup

    We assemble the technology components you have chosen to use and connect to external systems such as Alert Ready.

  • Configure

    We configure the technology components to fit your specific needs, as identified in our UX design.

  • Hosting

    You don’t need to setup or maintain any infrastructure. Our solution is fully hosted and accessible from the cloud.

Support & Optimization

  • Help Desk & Ongoing Support

    To avoid any user disappointment we monitor performance reports, operating system changes, all while fixing any issues that arise.

  • Promotion & Training

    Inbound marketing practices underpin our promotional services, from copywriting to SEO. We also provide client training to advocate for the best use of the technology.

  • Analytics

    If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. We report monthly on technology operation and performance, user feedback and usage, and help desk support.

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