Fast. Easy. LOW COST.

Save time using multiple systems to notify the public. Create alert messages in one common system, Alertable, and let it do the rest while you attend to other important matters.

Send notifications simultaneously to landline phones, smartphones, computers, tablets, TV, radio, home smart speakers, roadway signage, digital display boards, community sirens and more.

Check out all the options!

Notify people using all available channels according to public preference. All options are FREE for the public! Alertable simultaneously broadcasts alert messages across all channels.

SMS, Phone Call, Email

Fast, easy, online sign up for SMS text message, phone call or email notifications. Basic information only to sign up.

iOS, Android, Web

Free mobile app and mobile friendly embeddable website. Follow Me, override silent mode and other advanced features available.

Facebook & Twitter

Alerts automatically posted to your social media pages and Facebook Messenger. Alertable bot can respond to requests on your behalf.

Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Free Alertable skill and action for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant home devices to broadcast alerts on home speakers.

TV, Radio, Cellular Provider

Critical threat to life situations automatically broadcast on local TV, radio and LTE smartphones, no need to sign up or download.

Microsoft Teams & Slack

Free Alertable app for industry leading workplace communications tools to notify people at their workplace.

Roadway Signs, Sirens, Digital Displays

Broadcast alerts through OEM products including roadway signage, tsunami and community sirens, municipal display boards and more.

3rd Party Systems Integration

Overlay public alerts in EOC, road information and corporate systems including DisasterLAN, Municipal511, Esri and more.

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