Alert Ready Test November 17, 2021

Alert Ready Test Survey from PEASI

On November 17, 2021, provincial and territorial emergency officials conducted tests of Alert Ready, Canada’s national alert system. British Columbia and the Northwest Territories did not participate. These alerts were sent via radio, television, LTE compatible wireless devices, and other third-party emergency alert products such as Alertable. The one-way broadcast nature of most Alert Ready distribution channels […]

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How to stop getting AMBER Alerts on my Cell Phone

What is an AMBER alert?  An Amber alert occurs when a child, or adult with a proven mental or physical disability, is abducted and at risk of harm.  These alerts are sent through our national alert system,  Alert Ready, and are broadcast through television, radio and LTE smartphones.  The goal of an AMBER alert is […]

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How do you Prepare for an Emergency Evacuation?

On June 28, 2020, Sunday night in Utah, there were four major wildfires burning throughout the state.  Roughly 12,000 residents were evacuated from 3,100 homes (KSL Staff).   A local emergency has been declared and a temporary gathering area has been designated.  FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) says that evacuations are more common than most […]

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What makes Alertable different?

Alertable is a smart emergency alert platform for notifying more people of disasters and hazards. Traditional ways of alerting the public to emergencies like through TV and radio are still appropriate but are becoming less effective as people ‘cut the cord’. And while new smartphone wireless alerting is a positive step forward, not all smartphones […]

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The when, where and what of Wireless Public Alerting in Canada

The Alert Ready Wireless tests in May 2018 received a lot of attention, and previous blog posts discussed “What” these tests are and “Why” they are run. Another common question about these tests is “When” do they take place? The Canadian National Public Alerting System, also known as NPAS or Alert Ready, includes the participation […]

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