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What are Weather Advisories in Alertable?

These types of Advisories in Alertable are typically issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada (also referred to as “Environment Canada”). Due to Canada’s northern and wide-spread geography, we experience a tremendous range of weather conditions. Weather Advisories may be issued for conditions ranging from extreme cold and severe snowfall to heatwaves and tropical storms – sometimes within the same month!

Where do Weather Advisories Get Issued For?

Weather Advisories may be issued for anywhere in Canada. Many types of weather events can occur across the entire country, for weather such as fog, frost, heat, cold, rainfall, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and wind. Other types of weather can be specific to certain regions – for example, a tropical storm advisory might be issued for a coastal area, but would likely never be issued for locations in the prairie provinces.

When Are Weather Advisories Issued?

Advisories are issued when conditions are favourable for the development of severe weather, or when severe weather is either imminent or occurring. Warnings for large-scale events such as snowstorms are issued between six and up to 24 hours before the storm is forecast to happen. Advisories for other weather, such as severe thunderstorm warnings, develop more quickly and may be issued less than one hour in advance. By their nature, weather Advisories may be issued at any time of the day, whenever the weather conditions develop.

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