Evan Kirkwood

Evan is a co-founder of PEASI and is its VP Product responsible for the products that consumers use to receive emergency alerts and day-to-day notifications from their local community and employer.

Stories by Evan

Stay safe working from home

During the COVID-19 pandemic, tens of millions of people globally have been forced into their homes and asked to work remotely.

Weather advisories easily explained

What are Weather Advisories in Alertable? These types of Advisories in Alertable are typically issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

What is an LTE capable phone?

An LTE capable phone has the hardware and operating system software required to connect to a Long Term Evolution (LTE) cellular network.

5 Reasons you want to get Advisory alerts

Staying informed about Advisory alerts is important to the safety of individuals, family and friends, and protection of property. Learn why.

Making The Most of Maps for Mobile

Using maps to present information poses some user experience issues, particularly when they are accessed on smartphones and tablet devices.

APNs for Public Alerting Apps

Notifications matter! In a public alerting App, notifications are a key trigger to get citizens' attention and increasing app usage.

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