Alertable for Slack

Severe weather, floods, tornados, wildfires, earthquakes, bio-hazards and other disastrous events and hazards threaten our safety in Canada more than ever.

You can now use Alertable to be informed of disasters and hazards in the Slack platform.

Click "Add to Slack" to add the Alertable Application to your Slack workspace:

Add to Slack


After installing, the Alertable bot will respond to these commands:

  • Use to check for alerts. If you haven't added a location yet, we'll tell you how to get set up.
  • Check alerts for a specified location. Without a provided location we'll check all your added locations.
    /alertable alerts [location]
  • Location management - use to add, remove or list locations. Use clear to remove all locations.
    /alertable location [add,clear,list,remove]
  • Use to to turn advisory (less severe) notifications on or off.
    /alertable advisories [off,on]


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