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Save valuable time sending public alerts with Alert Ready! Alertable connects to Alert Ready and all your other public communications channels including web, social media, email, and more.

Create your public alert messages in one common place in Alertable. Alertable can broadcast your messages simultaneously to TV, radio, smartphones, landline phones, computers, tablets, social media, home smart speakers, local news outlets, and more.

Alertable for Alert Ready

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LOW COST. Starting at $249/mo.

up to 90% SAVINGS

Save significant time and cost entering information in multiple systems including Alert Ready, social media, email lists, websites, and others. Use Alertable to enter your public alert message once and let it do the rest while you attend to other matters!

Alert Ready TURBO

Our Alertable software overcomes character and content limitations of the Alert Ready system so that you can provide more actionable information to the public including maps, photos, videos, links, logos, additional text and more.

Made in CANADA

Alertable is made in Canada and used by more than 1,000 Canadian emergency officials including police. It has been successfully used for numerous AMBER and other threat-to-life events, including Canada’s most costliest disasters.

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