Alertable is Wireless Public Alert Ready!

Wireless public alerts (WPA) are now being sent to compatible smartphones in Canada. If you don't have a compatible smartphone, we have you covered.

Wireless public alerts (WPA) are now being sent to compatible smartphones in Canada. If you don’t have a compatible smartphone, no worries, we have you covered, check out our
blog on how to get emergency alerts on your smartphone if it is not compatible.

When you receive a wireless public alert, you will notice that it is purposefully brief and to the point to get your attention and prompt you to respond. One immediate response will be to find more information including any instructions from authorities on how to remain safe (check out our blog confirming emergencies alerts once they are sent). The Alertable app provides that since it is connected to Canada’s national public alerting system, Alert Ready, which is the same system used to send wireless public alerts.

People in the local area who receive a wireless public alert on their smartphone are able to easily find the related alert in the Alertable app. The alert will be marked with **WIRELESS PUBLIC ALERT**. Any updates for an emergency may not be sent as a wireless public alert depending on the nature of the update. With the Alertable app downloaded and installed, however, you will receive those updates as an app alert, so that you don’t miss out. The **WIRELESS PUBLIC ALERT** label will no longer show if an alert is updated without sending a wireless public alert.

People not in the area at the time of a wireless public alert (for example, if they are away travelling) will still be notified of a critical, life-threatening situation if they are tracking that area in the Alertable app. Again, they will be able to clearly see that the alert was sent as a wireless public alert by the **WIRELESS PUBLIC ALERT** label and know that anyone in the area (such as family, friends, or colleagues) should have received a wireless public alert (if they have a WPA compatible smartphone).

Take care. Be prepared.

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