Rick Arter

Rick is co-founder and CEO of PEASI, maker of the highly-rated mass notification software, Alertable, used by workplace and local officials to notify employees, residents and visitors of emergencies and day-to-day events.

Stories by Rick

What makes Alertable different?

Alertable is the only commercial emergency alerting platform that is fully integrated with Canada’s national public alert system, Alert Ready.

Should the public send emergency alerts?

The public is often the first to witness a threat and to inform government authorities of it. Why not empower the public to send the alert?

Alertable is Wireless Public Alert Ready!

Wireless public alerts (WPA) are now being sent to compatible smartphones in Canada. If you don't have a compatible smartphone, we have you covered.

Tap, tap…is this thing on?

If there are no disasters or hazards in the areas that you have chosen to be alerted for, Alertable will display No alerts found for your locations”.

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