Why spend 7-days designing a product already built?

Some might think spending 7-days designing the user experience for a product already built is a waste of time.

Along the theme of our earlier blog “Why spend 5-days dreaming up an idea for a product already built?” one might think spending 7-days designing the user experience for a product already built is a waste of time. They could argue it only sets up for disappointment. “Why to bother, you’re only going to tell me the product doesn’t do that” type of thing.

For the same reasons argued in our earlier blog, people (users) are complex beings and can behave differently from location to location. Spending time upfront understanding how to provide the ultimate experience for users in a particular location is extremely valuable.

We’re designing the implementation of the product, not necessarily the product itself. We’re seeking to understand more about the needs of user groups for a particular implementation and the extent of features available from the product to satisfy those needs. And we begin learning how those features might be configured during installation to best fit the needs.

At the same time, we’re gaining an understanding of the broader environment that the product will be integrated into. For example, other systems that it may be needed to be connected to like customer social media channels, customer partner websites, radio and television broadcaster equipment, etc.

UX Design also gives us insight into how we might evolve and improve the product to better meet needs. It’s possible the product does not fully meet all the needs of a particular customer, presently. The insight gained during UX Design helps in our pursuit to be continually improving the product to provide the best fit possible for all customers.

For more information on how we do UX Design in just 7-days and what gets produced at the end, see Arter Kirkwood & Associates How we do UX design in just 7 days!.

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