5 Reasons you want to get Advisory alerts

Staying informed about Advisory alerts is important to the safety of individuals, family and friends, and protection of property. Learn why.

At times, the number of Advisory alerts in effect in Alertable may seem overwhelming or annoying. When you factor in the various weather conditions that may trigger alerts, plus other events such as fires and flooding, it may seem like the Alertable app is notifying all the time.

However, staying informed about Advisory alerts is important to the safety of individuals, family and friends, and the protection of property. Here are just a few reasons we think you should remain in the know about Advisory alerts.

  1. Advisories may escalate and become Critical emergencies. Knowing about an emergency situation when it begins can help you remain safe if conditions get worse.
  2. Advisories can give you the bigger picture around other emergencies. For example, a severe event like a wildfire could lead to Advisories being issued for road closures or utility outages. Knowing about these can help you better prepare to remain safe.
  3. Knowing about Advisories can help you avoid inconveniences. For example, knowing about a road closure Advisory could help you avoid lengthy detours when travelling.
  4. The elderly, sick or otherwise vulnerable people may be more impacted by Advisory-level situations. It may not be life-threatening for you, but it could be for your family or neighbours.
  5. Advisories could alert you to conditions that risk damage to property. For example, a thunderstorm producing large hail or extreme cold threatening to freeze pipes could damage a vacation property. These Advisories could save you from costly repairs and insurance claims.

In the Alertable you can now control the Advisory alerts you receive using the “Filters” options in Settings. We suggest you keep these reasons in mind when you choose the types of Advisory alerts to be notified about, so you can be aware and be prepared for the situations most likely to impact you, your family, and others important to you.

Take care. Be prepared.

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