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COVID-19: What is Proper Hand Washing?

Hand washing is the number one tip for stopping the spread of COVID-19.  While this is common sense, it must be done properly to be effective.

COVID-19: How to Remove Gloves Properly

While the use of medical gloves is an important aspect of personal protective equipment for health care workers, they do not need to be worn by the...

What is an LTE capable phone?

An LTE capable phone has the hardware and operating system software required to connect to a Long Term Evolution (LTE) cellular network.

What makes Alertable different?

Alertable is the only commercial emergency alerting platform that is fully integrated with Canada’s national public alert system, Alert Ready.

Should the public send emergency alerts?

The public is often the first to witness a threat and to inform government authorities of it. Why not empower the public to send the alert?

5 Reasons you want to get Advisory alerts

Staying informed about Advisory alerts is important to the safety of individuals, family and friends, and protection of property. Learn why.

Making The Most of Maps for Mobile

Using maps to present information poses some user experience issues, particularly when they are accessed on smartphones and tablet devices.

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